NYC Fashion Week Review 2014

Fashion Week has come and gone, but the trends established during this fashion exploit will stick around for seasons to come. Some of the most recognizable designers came to New York Fashion Week to present their fall 2015 collections. Fashionistas is here to highlight two designers who we think best represented the trends we will be seeing in future seasons.

Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2014 line graced the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway with ideas that spun off of his definition of the ‘American Explorer’. Hilfiger said his pieces are, “Positioning work-wear, outdoor gear, and the western look altogether.” The use of plaid throughout his line helped created continuity between the three different concepts he aimed to portray. In this look, Hilfiger exemplified the cohesiveness of his varying concepts seamlessly. The use of black leather gave the outdoor look more of a polished work-wear appeal. The fur-lined patches also gave a new twist on traditional western patches. Hilfiger completed the outfit with a flannel plaid skirt.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 8.39.32 PM

Tommy Hilfiger’s collection is more rugged, while Phillip Lim took a more polished approach. Phillip Lim’s fall 2014 line portrayed the fierce, cosmopolitan woman. In a backstage interview before the show he stated, “She’s [the cosmopolitan woman] a very culturally curious woman that lives in a world between instant pop and culture. It’s like, do we orbit around her or does she orbit around us. In this look Lim constructed a leather jacket containing similar aspects to Hilfiger. Lim constructed a leather jacket in the style of a cropped jean jacket, with a fur detail on the collar. Lim also decided to pair his leather jacket with plaid bottoms, though he chose a gray and black color scheme for his trousers. ?” To complete the cosmopolitan appeal Lim added a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 8.39.22 PM

Phillip Lim and Tommy Hilfiger are designers that exemplified three trends that we believe will dominant the future seasons; fur, leather, and plaid. These two designers are on opposite side of the spectrum in terms of their inspiration for their fall 2015 line, but they came together because they were aware of the trending styles.

We hope this was useful and informative


Fashionistas (Madison Ramsey and Joanna Booth)


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